Animal Rights Activists Interrupt Biden Victory Speech

Maintaining their disruptive tactics, the radical animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) interrupted the Super Tuesday victory speech being given by Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Biden supporters were gathered at the Baldwin Hills Recreation Center in Los Angeles in celebration of the unexpectedly strong showing their candidate had in the 14 states conducting primary elections this past Tuesday.

“The middle class built this country,” Biden said as protesters attempted to take control of the stage, according to a report on Yahoo News.

DxE protest

Photo Credit: David McNew/Getty Images

One protestor stormed the stage, standing feet away from the candidate, his wife and sister. The unidentified woman held a sign that said, “Let Dairy Die,” and chanted the same slogan.

Storming the stage is nothing new for the animal rights group. A representative of DxE tried to grab the microphone away from former Democratic candidate Kamala Harris during a speech in San Francisco this past summer.

An international network of animal rightists, DxE has been making mischief since it was first established in the San Francisco Bay area in 2013. It was recently slapped with a restraining order for harassing customers at a Whole Foods Store in Berkley, CA.

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