A Life Member Breakfast Like No Other!

sharpbachmanThis year, SCI’s Life Member Breakfast embraces the camaraderie of hunting camp like no other. Emcee Melissa Bachman is hosting three special guest speakers, P.H. John Sharp, P.H. Johnny Vivier and P.H. Cliff Walker, who will share the best of their campfire tales. These are the most memorable events they have experienced in their years in the field.

These campfire tales are not a matter of one-upping one another, but rather more of a, “I can remember when…,” where one story sparks the memory of another storyteller who then shares his most memorable event. It’s a way to get to know the best of the best stories from these three great, long-supporting vivierexhibitors of SCI. All three storytellers have outgoing walkerpersonalities and are very memorable so don’t miss your chance to meet them. The breakfast is Saturday Jan. 12 starting at 8:00 a.m.  Register and reserve your Life Member Breakfast tickets today at

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