Customs Form 4457

About the US Customs Form 4457 – Required for International Travel

What is it?

The Customs Form 4457 is required of all US citizens travelling abroad with a firearm.

Form 4457 is a Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad and is used to declare items of high value and firearms when leaving the US to travel abroad.

Why do you need it?

US State Department regulations require US citizens leaving the United States with a firearm complete a Customs Form 4457.

What to do

Download a copy of the form here. Legibly write in the make, model and serial number of the firearm on the form. Take the form and your declared firearms (up to three) to the nearest Customs and Border Protection office (find one here). You may wish to call ahead for an appointment. Request an agent review your form and firearm, sign, date and stamp your Form 4457.

Present the Form 4457 Abroad to Import Firearms

You will need to present your US Customs Form 4457 when importing a firearm to another country for hunting or other sport shooting purposes. It will be required in order to issue you a temporary import license.

Note: Your airline check-in agent may also request to see your form when declaring your firearm for travel.

Special Note for Hunters Going to South Africa

South Africa has two specific requirements regarding the Customs Form 4457.

  • The form must be stamped and dated for the same year of travel. South Africa will not accept forms dated from previous years.
  • The form cannot display an expiration date that has passed. The newer Form 4457 displays an “expiration” date in the top right-hand corner. This date is not associated with a period of approved use for travelers. It is strictly for internal use by CBP indicating when the form is due for review by the Office of Management and Budget. This is required by the Paperwork Reduction Act. But South African authorities treat it as an expiration date, nonetheless, and will not accept it.

Download and use the undated version of the form here. Do not use the dated form posted on the CBP website if it has a date that will expire before or during your travel dates.

Upon Returning to the US

You must present you Form 4457 to CBP when you return to the US and declare your firearms.

For questions about the Custom Form 4457, contact SCI’s Hunter Information Service at 210-767-9745 or email [email protected].

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