SCI Opposes New Firearms Export Regulations

SCI submitted comments in opposition to a Bureau of Industry and Safety (BIS) interim final rule that imposes new restrictions for individuals traveling abroad with personal firearms for hunting and recreational shooting.¬†Although the interim final rule largely addressed export of firearms intended for sale abroad and continued a temporary ban on issuing new export permits for such commercial endeavors, BIS chose to include unnecessary restrictions on hunters and recreational shooters traveling with personal firearms.¬†The changes prohibit traveling with firearms to certain countries, the list of which can change without notice to the public.¬†They also limit individuals to traveling with a maximum of three firearms instead of the six currently allowed. SCI also opposed other changes that BIS suggested it might make in a future rulemaking.¬†BIS did not justify any of the implemented or suggested changes for traveling hunters; yet, the changes will make it more onerous for hunters to travel abroad with their own firearms.¬†SCI‚Äôs comments reflect our engagement on related issues and fall within the scope of work for SCI‚Äôs ‚ÄúTravel with Firearms‚ÄĚ subcommittee.¬†SCI will continue to advocate for more commonsense regulations related to traveling abroad with personal firearms.

Read SCI’s Letter Here.

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