Updates on Import Bans in Canada and France

On January 8th, Canada’s ban on the import of elephant ivory and rhino horn went into effect.  Hunters are now prohibited from importing elephant and rhino hunting trophies into Canada.  On the same day last week, SCI staff attended the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency’s (AFWA) International Relations Committee virtual meeting.  At the meeting, SCI updated attendees on the ban and ongoing efforts to have it overturned. SCI is coordinating with other pro-hunting and like-minded groups to educate policy makers and the public about the benefits of elephant and rhino hunting.  Although Canada’s current government is unlikely to reconsider the ban, SCI and its partners aim to have Canada’s next government—elections for which could happen later this year or next year—overturn the unjustified and senseless ban.       

In France, a proposed import ban for all CITES-listed species continues to proceed in the National Assembly.  Yesterday, January 16th, an online briefing session regarding the import ban bill was held for French Members of Parliament in the National Assembly.  On January 31st, the Sustainable Development Committee of the National Assembly is scheduled to consider the bill. In Committee, Members of Parliament can introduce amendments or reject the text of the bill.  SCI’s partner the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE) is leading the opposition against the proposed import ban.  Stay tuned for updates as this issue progresses.