Maine Legislature to Consider Sunday Hunting Legislation

This week, Maine legislature will consider three pieces of legislation all seeking to expand Sunday hunting in the state. House Bill 783, introduced by Jeffery P. Hanley and Senate Bill 325, introduced by State Senator Jeffery Timberlake will both allow hunting on Sundays on private lands with permission from the landowner. A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, April 21, during the House Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Under this legislation, hunting equipment must be carried in at least two separate pieces so that it cannot be fired unless the separate pieces are joined together. Bows and arrows must be kept in a case or cover if broadheads or field points are kept attached to the arrows and a clip, magazine, or cylinder of a firearm may not be considered a piece of the hunting equipment. Under this legislation, if written permission is not granted or hunting equipment is not fastened in a case, a person can be charged a maximum fine of up to $1000 and/or 180 days in jail, also known as a Class E crime.

The third piece of legislation, House Bill 887, drafted by State Representative Lester S. Ordway will allow Maine hunters to hunt North of U.S Route 2 from the New Hampshire Border to Bangor, North of Route 9 from Bangor to the Canadian Border, and within that portion of the White Mountain National Forest inside the state. Hunters must abide by the same hunting equipment laws as previously stated or face Class E crime penalties. This legislation will expand opportunities for sportsmen and women in Maine, increase participation among hunters, and boost conservation funding.

Safari Club International has been heavily involved in efforts around the country to repeal antiquated blue laws prohibiting hunting on Sundays and will continue to be involved in Maine as the legislation moves forward.

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