Join SCI and Stand Against Big Tech Censorship

Safari Club International (SCI) is standing up to Big Tech censorship on behalf of hunters across the country. At the time of this writing, we have over 3,200 signatures on our petition to show how big and how valuable the hunting community really is. We still need your help – if you haven’t already, now is the time add your name to our petition against censorship of hunters. 

Censorship on social media is everywhere, but it is particularly targeted at the outdoor community. Whether it’s “the algorithm” or Facebook content checkers, SCI is pushing back to make our voices heard.  

We’ve received countless stories from hunters, guides, outfitters, and more, of their accounts being locked or even taken down entirely with little to no warning or justification – potentially impacting their business and livelihoods. 

When we shared this campaign on Instagram, we received several comments, many like the one from Cable @lonestaroutdoorshow: “My engagement is down 40% in 2021. People look for me and I don’t show up until you type out the entire ‘lonestaroutdoorshow’. 140k followers and pages with 1,000 pop up no problem. Also, Instagram Live is worthless, 3 people were alerted last time. Down from a couple hundred on average. Then…there’s Facebook lol.” There are too many of these stories for it to be coincidence.  

This is a critical issue for hunters as the primary conservators of land and wildlife. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are perpetuating stigmas against hunters, and it is vital for everyday Americans to understand the value of the contributions from our community. The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is the most effective method of species and ecosystem conservation in the world. In addition to providing the revenues and management of wildlife, hunters follow an ethical code and deeply care about the wildlife and habitats they hunt in. 

Wildlife, species, and entire ecosystems stand to suffer should hunting be removed from the picture. Since Big Tech is so big, the voice of hunters cannot be excluded from the platform. Add your voice to our campaign today!

Here is yet another example of censorship towards our community when a user tried to share our campaign.

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