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SCI actively works in the international arena protecting the freedom to hunt worldwide. SCI also works to increase hunting access and reduce burdens for international hunters.

For more information on hunting, please visit SCI's International Hunting - Focus on Africa page

Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES): CITES regulates trade in protected species of wildlife including the shipment of hunting trophies. SCI is a leading non-governmental organization participant in CITES and has sent representatives to CITES meetings since 1979. SCI participates in the Conferences of the Parties (CoP), Animals Committee Meetings and Standing Committee Meetings, working with delegates from countries and other organizations around the world.

Before every CoP, SCI produces a Sustainable Use Voting Guide that informs the CITES Parties how they should vote on the Conference’s proposals. CoP18 Voting Guide.

  • The European Federation of Associations for Hunting & Conservation (FACE): FACE is comprised of European national hunters’ associations and other associate members, including SCI and the SCI Foundation. FACE represents the interests of Europe’s seven million hunters and works on all hunting-related issues in Europe.
  • World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities (WFSA): SCI's participation in WFSA helps magnify SCI's voice in the international community. The Forum is an educational and scientific association, founded in 1997 by more than two dozen existing associations and organizations. WFSA is a proactive advocacy organization representing a substantial portion of the sport shooting community, working in concert with international bodies, national governments and regulatory authorities, for the worldwide promotion and preservation of sport shooting activities.
  • United Nations (UN): The UN has no fewer than five programs dedicated to limiting the ability to import or transport firearms. SCI is a registered non-governmental organization with the United Nations, working to oppose any attempt to limit the lawful transportation of firearms for hunting purposes.
  • Airline Transport: Some of the biggest problems for international hunters are the unnecessary burdens and regulations that impede the transport of firearms and trophies internationally. SCI works with both airlines and governments to reduce the burdens faced by the traveling hunter.
  • Importation of Wildlife: Even though CITES regulates wildlife trade, many countries and the European Union often impose additional regulations that prohibit or limit trophy importation. SCI works around the world to reduce the burden on hunters who try to bring back legally hunted trophies from abroad.  SCI has participated with other international organizations to advocate for hunting and community-based management of wildlife in range countries and to prevent unnecessary restrictions that impede range country conservation success.
  • Firearms Ownership and Transport:  Firearms ownership and transportation among European countries is regulated by the European Union Firearms Directive, which is designed to deter terrorism and criminal activity.  SCI works with FACE to prevent amendments to this document that would unnecessarily penalize legal owners and users of firearms (hunters).
  • Ammunition: Currently one of the biggest threats to hunters and sport shooters around the world is the push to ban or restrict the use of traditional ammunition. SCI is working on multiple fronts to prevent the imposition of requirements that would make it infeasible, if not impossible, for efficient and accessible hunting to continue.
  • Border Governors and Latin American-U.S. Leadership Forum:  These meetings, scheduled to coincide with SCI’s annual Convention, bring together decision-makers from Mexican states and South American countries to discuss issues of hunting, wildlife management, law enforcement and CITES decision-making.

International Talking Points

IUCN: Informing Decisions on Trophy Hunting

Click here for IUCN Decisions on Trophy Hunting.

On The Issues

Recent International Affairs Articles

The 37th Convention of the Italian Chapter: A Record Breaking Success.

By Chris LaCivita | June 17, 2024

By Dr. Miguel Estade, President of the Europe Committee As every year hunters from Europe, United States and especially Italy gathered together in the wonderful city of Bologna for the 37th convention organized by the Italian chapter. It was a very nice and worthy long weekend with meetings, a very competitive

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SCI Canada Conference June 2024 

By Chris LaCivita | June 17, 2024

SCI Canada hosted their annual conference in Ottawa recently bringing in chapter leaders, regional reps, Director at large members from across Canada. President John McLaurin, Secretary Mike Crawford, and Vice President Joe Pedersen, also Jeremy Clare and Jason St. Michael from staff attended and participated in a 3-day conference.  The

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Safari Club International and the Professional Hunter’s Association of South Africa Announce Partnership

By Barbara Crown | May 16, 2024

[Washington, D.C./Pretoria] Safari Club International (SCI) and the Professional Hunter’s Association of South Africa (PHASA) are pleased to announce a landmark collaborative agreement between the organizations. The objectives of the collaboration between SCI and PHASA include: With an aligned vision on these goals, this partnership sets the stage for enhanced

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SCI hosts Trap Shoot at Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia

By SCI Advocacy | April 1, 2024

On March 20 -24 the GOABC held their annual general meeting in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia on the shore of Okanagan Lake. The meeting kicked off with a Board meeting on the 20th followed by a guest dinner and members social night. The Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday the

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Mountain Memories

By Jack Orloff | April 1, 2024

Record-Book Chamois Finally Gets Its Recognition After 50 Years By Ed Fortunato I looked through the scope and placed the crosshairs of my Springfield 1903 A3 rifle slightly behind the shoulder. As I settled myself, I soaked in the scenery and reflected on the journey that brought me here. I

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Desert Ram Diary

By Jack Orloff | March 29, 2024

Big Bighorn Tops Family’s Stay at Coahuila Ranch By Madeline Demaske After 10 years of living in a family of sheep hunting nuts, my sister finally agreed to travel to the Chihuahuan desert to chase Mexican desert bighorn sheep with me. I had spent countless hours begging her to join

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