Alabama Governor Signs Feral Hog and Coyote Hunting Bill Into Law

 This week, the Alabama governor signed Senate Bill 264, legislation to allow feral hog and coyote hunting at night, into law. Introduced by Senator Chesteen, this Bill answered the call for exceptions to existing law, prohibiting feral hog and coyote hunting when done at nighttime, with an appropriate license. The legislation only relates to feral hog and coyotes; all other birds and animals covered under Alabama state law will remain illegal to hunt during nighttime hours. Any individual hunting feral hog or coyotes during the special nighttime season must purchase the special, separate nighttime feral hog and coyote hunting license.

 The only exemption to this legislation is centered around landowners, allowing licensed landowners or their agents who possess a valid permit to protect wildlife causing crop damage, property damage, or concern for human safety, as granted by the commissioner to hunt at night. All others must purchase this license or be subject to a Class B misdemeanor, resulting in a fine no less than two thousand dollars and no more than three thousand dollars on the first offense, and potential imprisonment with a max period of six months. In addition, the court will revoke all hunting license privileges for three years from the date of conviction. This bill will officially go into effect on July 5th, 2021.

“On behalf of our members in Alabama, Safari Club International thanks Governor Kay Ivey for signing Alabama Senate Bill 264 into law. This legislation will give hunters the opportunity to hunt feral hogs and coyotes at night with a special license. Efforts like these will help expand opportunities for sportsmen and women in Alabama, which is critical to increasing participation among hunters and boosting state level wildlife conservation funding.” – SCI CEO Laird Hamberlin       

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