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Wildlife Partners Renews SCI Corporate Support

Safari Club International is pleased to announce Wildlife Partners, LLC, innovators in combining conservation with unique investment strategies, has renewed their National Partnership.

“Wildlife Partners embodies the mission of SCI,” said Chip Hunnicutt, Director of Marketing and Communications. “Always on the forefront of discovering new and better ways to bolster the conservation of exotic species make them a perfect partner for SCI. Their hands-on wildlife management techniques are an inspiration and their dedication to hunter advocacy, education and conservation is in keeping with the SCI worldwide mission.”

“Wildlife Partners takes a unique approach to conservation by creating investment capital to acquire, breed and disperse exotic wildlife species from all over the world,” said Brian Gilroy, who with his brother Chris founded Wildlife Partners. “ When the goal is to preserve and save species from extinction, giving them a monetary value has shown to be the most successful plan to achieve that goal.”

Wildlife Partners LLC, operations have resulted in over $40,000,000 in sales of non-native wildlife since 2016. Wildlife Partners is playing a crucial role in the preservation and growth of populations of more than 70 species, 16 of which are critically endangered or extinct in their native ranges. 

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