WildLife Partners, LLC Continues its Corporate Sponsorship with Safari Club International

Tucson, AZ (July 29, 2021) – Safari Club International (SCI) is very pleased that WildLife Partners, LLC, a cutting-edge wildlife conservation company, recently renewed its corporate sponsorship with SCI.

“WildLife Partners first signed on as a corporate partner in 2014, and the company and its staff have been a real plus for SCI and our members,” said W. Laird Hamberlin, CEO of SCI. “WildLife Partners currently serves more than 400 landowners in Texas and more than 70 investors throughout the United States, helping landowners in Texas and beyond to convert their private ranches into cash-flow-producing wildlife sanctuaries.”

“WildLife Partners is excited to renew our corporate sponsorship with Safari Club International for the seventh year,” said Chris Gilroy, WildLife Partners’ co-founder and CCO. “Our work with SCI has developed into a true partnership over the years and has been very meaningful for our company.”

Gilroy added, “It’s been proven for decades that when wildlife has an economic value, people from all over the world do whatever they can to conserve them. Private landowners in Texas and WildLife Partners are no different. Our partnership with SCI and their efforts to conserve wildlife both domestically and abroad has proven it can and will save wildlife and their habitats for generations to come.”

The WildLife Partners model combines the desire to do good for the world with economic incentives. Wildlife conservation does not have to be centered around an altruistic approach funded by donations. When for-profit motives accentuate it, outsiders who would otherwise not participate will join the fight to save species from extinction. No wonder SCI and WildLife Partners have such a strong bond, given SCI’s mission to promote and protect hunting and wildlife conservation, in North America and across the world. To find out more about WildLife Partners and their important work, visit them at:

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