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What SCI Does for Chapters:



  • Incentive Awards/Campaigns
  • Chapter Locator Service
  • 100-Mile Radius Lists (For use in promoting attendance at local fund raisers)
  • Promotional Materials (forms, stickers, etc.)
  • Membership Table Staffing at Fundraisers-SCI Staff Field Coordinators
  • Use of SCI/SCIF name and logos
  • Start new Chapters to increase the visibility and strength of current Chapters
  • Renewal processing and fulfillment
  • New member processing and fulfillment
  • Direct billing from headquarters for chapter dues and reimbursement back to the chapter at no cost to the chapter

Liability Management

  • Chapter Liability Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Monthly Compliance Reviews
  • Training (Regional, and Annual Officer Training)
  • Help with Chapter Annual Report
  • Tracking and database management of all membership, board of directors, etc.
  • Database management of chapter documents (IRS 990‚Äôs, bylaws, letters of incorporation, 30% affidavits, etc.)

Chapter Improvement

  • Sharing of Best Practices
  • One-on-one direct help/training from SCI Staff Field Coordinators
  • One-on-one direct assistance from SCI Volunteer Regional Rep.
  • Regional Training Seminars
  • Chapter member retention program
  • Incentive Awards/Campaigns
  • Chapter Board meeting attendance as requested ‚Äì SCI Staff Field Coordinators
  • Chapter Awards Help


Chapters keep 70% of net from their largest fundraiser

  • Chapter Fundraiser Advertising in Safari Times and on Website
  • Annual Fundraising Training Seminar and Giveaways
  • Chapter Fundraising Catalog/Vendor Relationships
  • Promotional Items/Games/Major Prizes
  • Suggestions for Auctioneers, Raffle Girls, Banquet Software – SCI Staff Field Coordinator
  • Banquet attendance and help with membership sales¬† – SCI Staff Field Coordinator
  • Membership sales at banquet – SCI Staff Field Coordinator
  • Regional Rep assistance
  • Speak at chapter banquets – SCI Staff Field Coordinator
  • SCI Gun of the Year program
  • Pre-banquet counseling, and post banquet critique – SCI Staff Field Coordinator
  • Day of banquet help with speaking to the crowd, help setting up, and other duties as needed
  • Annual Convention to meet potential donors
  • New fundraising ideas (Bingo game, Heads or Tails game, etc.)


  • Support for Local/State Initiatives
  • Protecting Chapter Members‚Äô Hunting Rights and Privileges
  • Hunters Defense Fund
  • Represent members, volunteers, and committees in Federal, State and International lobbying for hunters' rights
  • Develop legislation for all levels of government lobbying
  • Initiate grassroots outreach to SCI members and hunters nationwide to support advocacy initiatives
  • Fundraise and build financial strength for SCI-PAC
  • Develop voter education campaigns to be successful in elections
  • Conducts seminars with SCI chapters to discuss advocacy and fundraising for SCI-PAC
  • SCI's attorneys initiate legal challenges to regulations that are anti-hunting both in the states and nationwide.
  • SCI's attorneys work with SCI chapters to represent their members' interest in legal battles to improve hunting opportunities nationwide
  • SCI's Washington office works with members to address questions related to the importation of hunted species, transportation of firearms, questions on outfitters, international hunting regulations
  • SCI works with chapters to develop press releases
  • SCI works with chapters on their response to various media requests
  • SCI works to pull appropriate media lists for chapters so they are able to tell their chapter's message
  • Respond to membership inquiries about¬† airline regulations, international travel and importation
  • Lobby-day coordination with the SCI Board of Directors on Capitol Hill at the SCI May Board of Directors meeting


  • Crosshairs generated through the SCI Washington DC office
  • Monthly email communication to each Chapter from SCI Staff Field Coordinators and other National communications as needed to keep Chapters informed
  • Comprehensive web site with ‚ÄúChapter Only‚Äù sections
  • A trained SCI Staff Field Coordinator assigned specifically to each Chapter for one-on-one communication
  • A trained Regional Rep assigned to each Chapter to further assist in communications
  • Publications: Safari Magazine, Safari Times, Chapter Spotlight
  • Professionals in every aspect of the mission of conservation, education, and humanitarian services to offer counsel and help on a Chapter level
  • Monthly mailings to every chapter including; chapter membership rosters, dues reimbursements, new members recruited in the state, new members recruited within each specific chapter, etc.
  • Compliance help and monitoring
  • Annual report training/assistance
  • Chapter fundraiser advertising in Safari Times
  • Chapter-related news items in Safari Times newspaper
  • Chapter listings and contact information in Safari Times newspaper

Chapter Recognition

  • Chapter Awards Competition
  • Chapter Publication Awards Competition

Convention and Events

  • Grand Slam Awards based on how many members chapters register for the SCI Annual Hunters‚Äô Convention
  • Provide a fundraising certificate for a Convention Package to chapters attending training seminars
  • Provide chapters with auction guidelines and policies upon request
  • Provide chapters with referrals on companies looking to get involved beyond the Convention

 Record Book

  • Annual Gift Certificate for Record Book/World Hunting Awards donation
  • Offers Record Books at cost for chapter fundraisers
  • Provides Chapter Awards plaque at cost for chapter award banquets
  • Offers Official and Master Measuring seminar at chapter events including free scoring of trophies for their members
  • Offer an informative seminar on why you should document your hunting heritage
  • Promote local chapters at our regional events and outdoor expos
  • Offer the ability to customize a chapter specific record book

 SCI Foundation

Education Sables & Humanitarian Services

 Education Sables

  • Raise funds to make grants available to support chapter education activities and programs.
  • Education Matching Grants are up to 50% of a chapter 30% contribution up to a maximum of $2,000 per year for education projects that introduce adults to conservation education, hunting and shooting sports.
  • Chapter Youth Grants provide up to $5,000 to support chapter activities that engage youth in conservation education, shooting sports, and outdoor recreation.¬† The limit is $5,000 in a single year.¬† The chapter is required to engage in a project of at least 3 years and with like-minded partners.
  • The Chapter as well as Chapter Sables Committees may apply for Education Sables grants.
  • Education Sables provide training for Chapter Education Committee Chairs and Chapter Sables Committee Representatives.¬† Training is a way to learn how to tap into grant programs and how to connect with education projects within a chapter community.
  • Hands On Wildlife Kits (conservation education in a box) are available to chapters to purchase at a reduced cost.¬† This is excellent teaching materials and curriculum to give to teachers, parks & recreation centers, state game & fish agencies education outreach, AWLS alumni and more.¬† The cost is $550.¬† Through a partnership with the Trappers‚Äô Association we have been able to reduce the cost from $750 to $550.

Humanitarian Services

  • Raise funds to support chapters in humanitarian services related projects
  • Hunt for Warriors and Disabled Hunter grants provide up to $1,000 in support of chapter projects.¬†¬† A chapter may qualify for up to a total of a combined $2,000 in fiscal year 2013.
  • Pathfinder Support Grant ‚Äì beginning July 1, 2013 financial support for Hunt for Warriors, Disabled Hunter, Safari Wish and Veterans projects will be provided through the new Pathfinder Support Grant.¬† A chapter may qualify for up to $5,000 in a fiscal year.
  • Blue Bags ‚Äì Safari Care:¬† Humanitarian Services loan Blue Bags to chapters for chapter members taking a Blue Bag along on their hunt to give to villagers in the hunting locale.¬† In 2013 through a Hunter Legacy 100 Fund grant chapters may apply for and take with them a HLF Blue Bag filled with medical and school supplies and many other items when a chapter member is taking a Blue Bag on behalf of the chapter to gift to those in need.
  • Promotion items are provided and available to chapters free of charge to use at Sensory Safari events.¬†¬† Items include pencils, braille bracelets, colors, and a worksheet.

What Chapters do for SCI/F:

  • Serve as the local ‚Äúface‚Äù of SCI/F
  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Fundraising
  • Perform the majority of our Conservation, Education, and Humanitarian Projects
  • Serve on the SCI Board
  • Provide innovative ideas and best practices
  • Provide dedicated ‚ÄúSafari-Clubbers‚Äù to rise through the ranks and lead the organization
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