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We Are All Together In The Fight To Save Hunting

By Sven Lindquist SCI President

Thank you, members of the SCI Board of Directors, for electing me to a second term as your president. It is both humbling and invigorating.

I promise to do everything in my power to assure that SCI’s missions are accomplished. We are all together in the fight to save hunting.

With this in mind, I am humbled by the vote of confidence shown at the Board of Directors meeting last month.

SCI has attained a momentum that allows more to be done faster than we have ever seen before. That’s why I am confident that together we all can accomplish more as the next fiscal year unfolds.

Certainly, I did not do it alone during my first term. I had the help of the entire volunteer leadership of the organization as well as the enthusiastic support of the professional staff. Without that kind of support, SCI would not have been able to accomplish nearly as much.

And I am happy to report that things just keep looking better in that respect. The focus on mission and camaraderie within SCI never has been better. We are in a position to make a significant, positive difference in the world.

 As SCI charges into the future, we need the entire membership to be engaged and to be part of the processes it will take to make concepts become realities and to turn challenges into victories.

Anti-hunters are always trying to put SCI out of business and to close all hunting everywhere in the world. Of course, we cannot allow that to happen lest future generations never know the hunting culture and what has made us who and what we are.

I invite all members to volunteer to serve on committees, both at the chapter and the international levels. SCI has some of the brightest and best minds in all of the hunting world. Please share your knowledge and enthusiasm. SCI needs your help.

Also, I encourage all members to recruit new members into SCI. More members mean more impact politically. Beyond the political power that more members give SCI in the fight to save hunting, having more members also strengthens SCI from within. This is important because even though the mission of SCI is to protect the freedom to hunt and promote wildlife conservation worldwide, SCI also has a social side. Whether it is two or three SCI members getting together on hunts, or many SCI members attending chapter fundraisers, the camaraderie of being around likeminded hunters is a valuable reason to belong to SCI.

Another big reason to be a member of SCI is that the SCI Convention is a members-only celebration each year. Members reading this message already know that. Tell your friends and fellow hunters about the Convention and invite them to join SCI and then go to the Convention. Tell them about everything SCI has to offer. The more they know, the more there is to like.

When we all do everything we can do to save hunting, we win. Thank you for being a member of SCI, and thank you again for your vote of confidence in me. You will not be disappointed.

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