Waterfowl Hunting Under Attack in Australia

  1. As SCI previously reported, the state government in Victoria, Australia recently imposed arbitrary limitations for the 2023 duck season and established a Select Committee to review waterfowl hunting in the state.  Some members of the Committee are openly against duck hunting, including the government minister who established the Committee and admitted that she wants to ban waterfowl hunting and that the outcome of the Committee’s review will not change her mind.  

On May 8, as part of a public participation process, SCI submitted a comment and letters from 685 SCI members and advocates.  In addition to explaining that hunting drives conservation programs, including for ducks, these letters urge the Select Committee to base its decisions on science and to ignore anti-hunting bias.

SCI will continue to work with Field and Game Australia and other organizations to oppose any efforts to implement unfounded restrictions on waterfowl hunting in Victoria and elsewhere in Australia.