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Family Odobenidae

The walrus family belongs to the order of Pinnipedia, the fin-footed aquatic carnivores that have adapted to life in the sea. Their limbs have become flippers, but they are still able to move about awkwardly on land, where they spend a good part of their lives. Like other mammals, pinnipeds are warm-blooded air-breathers that must hold their breath under water, and that give birth to living young that are nourished with milk from mammary glands. Besides the walrus family, pinnipeds include the earless or hair seals (family Phocidea) and the sea lions and fur seals (family Otariidae). The walrus family consists of one living species, the walrus (Odobenus rosmarus).

The walrus is among the few huntable marine mammals in North America. There are two species found on the arctic East and West coasts of the continent.

See the listings below and follow the links for more information on each species and for information on hunting techniques and what to expect when pursuing this quarry.

Atlantic Walrus

Pacific Walrus

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