Volunteers Needed For Attendee Welcome Brigade At Convention

If you like to visit with other hunters and swap hunting stories and talk about future hunting trips, the Volunteer Welcome Team is for you. We like to say that we have more fun than any other group of volunteers.

Where else can you spend an hour or two hours making new friends and making new attendees feel welcome? We help make a difference in the Convention experience and have fun doing it.

Without attendees there would be no Convention and the Attendee Welcome Team Volunteers are often the first contact that new Convention goers have at our annual event. Their Convention experience and whether they return or not can be influenced by that first contact. Greeting them at the door and in line for registration helps make sure that experience is positive.

ra 3The Attendee Welcome Team helps monitor the lines at registration, directs folks to the correct line and answers questions pertaining to registration and event tickets. Thanks to our volunteers, we were able to shorten the process of getting into the show, so attendees can start experiencing the fun of Convention.

Last year employees at the registration desk commented that folks waiting in line were grateful for our help. We handed out candy, SCI First for Wildlife cards, bottled water and program books.

Volunteers work only one shift for 1 ½ hours each on any one of the four MORNINGS that the Reno convention is open. We realize we are all busy, so we can accommodate your schedule. Lines are longest from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and that is when our Atendee Welcome Team volunteers are there to work their magic.

 Attendees spend their time and money coming to the SCI Convention to help support and promote the hunting live we all love. It is nice to be able to welcome them and thank them for attending.

To volunteer, contact Vicki Swan 423 240 1888 or email [email protected]. If you can’t volunteer, please just come by and say hello. We will be the volunteers in the red aprons.–Vicki Swann