Turnabout Is Fair Play – Consumer Group Wants To Rename Street In Front Of PETA Headquarters

After a month of unfettered name-changing demands, PETA is on the defensive after a move by the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF).

The animal rights group has been seeking out villages and streets around the world whose names they find offensive. They are not concerned with the historical significance of those names – such as the village of Wool in England named after a local body of water, or Rue de la Saucisse (Sausage Street) in France, originally a nickname for past resident whose stooped over appearance resembled a sausage.

The CCF has had enough of the shenanigans and decided to give PETA a taste of its own medicine.  They have asked the city of Norfolk, VA – home to the headquarters of the animal rights group, to change the name of Front Street to “PETA Kills Ave.”

As one might guess, the PETA headquarters is located at 501 Front Street. The CCF has offered “Butcher Street” or “Serial Killer Way” as other possibilities.

“For too long, PETA has been killing thousands of cats and dogs at its headquarters/slaughterhouse on Front Street,” said CCF Research Director Will Coggin. “By simply changing the street name to ‘PETA Kills Avenue,’ the good people of Norfolk will know of PETA’s dirty secret.”



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