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SCI Hunter's Travel Assistance Hotline Powered by Global Rescue

(617) 426-6661

All SCI members and their families have 24/7 direct telephonic access to the SCI Hunter's Travel Assistance Hotline. Supported by Global Rescue (GR) and its worldwide operation centers, the Hotline provides a range of travel assistance services. Please note that the Hotline does not provide any medical advisory, field rescue or evacuation services. For further information on how to upgrade to Global Rescue's best-in-class memberships, visit

Hotline Benefits Include:

  • Medical referrals: If medical care is needed, Global Rescue Operations Specialists will refer you to the nearest appropriate facility from within Global Rescue's international network comprising thousands of local hospitals, clinics and Global Rescue Medical Centers of Excellence.
  • Legal referrals:  The Hotline will provide a referral to a local lawyer or other legal professionals should legal assistance be requested.
  • Emergency message relay: Global Rescue Operations Specialists will assist in receiving or transmitting emergency messages between a member, their family and/or employer.
  • Lost baggage search assistance: Provides assistance communicating with an airline for the return of lost luggage.
  • Lost passport and travel document assistance: The Hotline will assist in reporting, retrieving and/or replacing lost or stolen travel documents such as passports, credit cards and airline tickets.
  • ATM locator services: Help finding the nearest ATM that accepts specific cards.

Additionally, SCI members have access via the Hotline to Global Rescue's GRID platform, which provides password-protected online access to travel intelligence featuring:

  • Destinations: Offers details on countries of interest around the world.
  • Events: Provides real-time information and alerts on global events.
  • Country Risk Rating: Offers ratings on a scale from low to extreme.
  • General overview: Provides basic details, country map and detailed risk overview.
  • Security assessment: Includes a security risk rating, security risk overview, details on events of terrorism or civil unrest and advice for staying safe.
  • Health assessment: Outlines health risks, travel health advice, required immunizations and medical facilities and services.
  • Entry and exit requirements: Includes visa information along with import and export restrictions.
  • Important numbers: Includes country code, emergency numbers and embassy contact information.


The SCI Hunter's Travel Assistance Hotline does not provide telephonic medical or security advisory services and does not entitle SCI members to any field rescue or evacuation services. In order to receive global rescue's best-in-class advisory, field rescue and evacuation services, individuals must purchase a global rescue membership.


  1. The Hotline is not an alternative to local emergency services and in an emergency situation, individuals should contact 911 or the local equivalent. Use of the Hotline shall not establish diagnosis, treatment or a physician-patient relationship of any kind.
  2. Individuals must be an active member of Safari Club International and must provide their SCI member ID when calling the Hotline.
  3. The Hotline is only available for use by SCI members and their families (a spouse and up to 4 dependents).
  4. SCI member must be more than 50 miles from their home address in order to be eligible for use of the Hotline.
  5. SCI members acknowledge by utilizing the Hotline service that receiving the type of services contemplated hereby, including, without limitation, the Hotline, can be extremely risky, hazardous, that no results can be guaranteed and that GR makes no representation or warranty of any kind or nature with respect to any services or information provided via the Hotline, express or implied. In no event shall GR be liable to SCI members for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential loss or damages whatsoever in connection with this Hotline, including, without limitation, any related products and services.
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