The Other 1/3

By Vicki Swan, Sables President

I once had a friend tell me that she thought 1/3 of the people we meet are ones we really bond with. Another 1/3, we are OK with, and the other 1/3 we just tolerate. Maybe. In SCI and Sables, the percentage of those we bond with goes way up I think! We all have our love of hunting in common, and we all work hard to make sure it’s preserved for the future. We always have stories and good times to share.

I have come to think of SCI and Sables as family. At our Convention there is something for everyone — all types of hunting interests, passions and dedication to conservation, which equals all levels of involvement and fun. There are things for hunters and non-hunters. I encourage all of you ladies to join us at our Luncheon and visit us at the Sables Booth.

Whether you hunt or are a non-hunting spouse or partner who supports hunting, come spend time at Convention, as the jewelry displays and artwork are phenomenal. Remember, travel to exotic places is not just about hunting, although I would add hunting trips to other countries are a great way to see the world and spend quality family time together.

Personally, all my life I had heard stories of my Revolutionary War ancestor who immigrated from Ireland. I had always wanted to explore my Irish roots. My husband said, “Find something to hunt there and we will go.” Ha – challenge accepted. I led him to a booth at the Convention that booked hunts in Ireland. Four trips to Ireland later, and we are still ready to go back. We have become lifelong friends with the outfitter and his family. Another SCI influence in our lives. More fun times and friends await us on every trip.

As Sables President, I always encourage members to become more involved. My non-SCI friends sometimes lament the fact that our world is in a mess, and that they can’t do anything about it. I answer that I am doing something about it through my involvement in Sables’ education mission, spending time volunteering and contributing to both the Lion and Shield Program and the SCIF First for Hunters Giving program. We are doing our own small part in preserving our values and wildlife for future generations.

Sables are volunteers who work hard and have fun doing it. We have all levels of volunteering. No job is too small to help make a difference in our world today. We always need Convention and Luncheon volunteers, but we also have committees that seek new members. Whatever your interests are, we have a place for you.

Volunteering may not influence your life as it has mine, and you may not become as involved as my husband and I, but I guarantee you will have fun and help make a difference.

Join us at our Luncheon in Nashville in 2023 and come find that group you can relate to and bond with and remember “Nashville is Sables Country.” We will be there to welcome y’all with our own brand of Southern hospitality.

For more information on how you can volunteer for Sables contact Katie Robinson at Katier@

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