Television Personality Joins Forces With PETA To Take On Clothing Manufacturer

Controversial TV host Bill Maher is joining PETA representatives at the annual meeting of Canada Goose Holdings Inc. to challenge the company’s use of coyote fur and goose feathers in its clothing.

PETA owns 230 shares of Canada Goose stock, allowing the animal rights group to speak at the meeting. Maher is an “honorary director” of the increasingly wacky PETA.


In a statement, Maher said the company’s “fur-sourcing ‘standards’ still allow coyotes caught in steel traps to languish with potential broken bones and hemorrahaging [sic] for days before the trapper returns to shoot or bludgeon them to death,” according to a story. It would be interesting to know how many trap lines Maher has been on to allow him to speak so authoritatively.

“[Its] jackets are stuffed with the down feathers of birds who died violently,” Maher’s statement continued. “When will Canada Goose get with the times and stop using real fur and down?”

PETA will also be protesting in front of the Canada Goose Toronto headquarters and the New York City flagship store.

Canada Goose responded to the PETA threats with a statement of their own.  “This is nothing new from PETA. We are disappointed that they continue to attempt to mislead consumers through sensational tactics, misrepresenting the facts. We remain committed to the responsible use and ethical sourcing of all materials in our products, as evidenced by our transparency standards.”

PETA is well-known for its misrepresentation of facts and “play-to-the-camera” tactics.


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