Teaching the Value of Hunting

By Vicki Swan, Sables President

The Sables Education Programs are changing, but the mission remains the same. SCI Foundation and the Sables are committed to reaching educators, wildlife professionals, federal and state elected officials and others to educate them about the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and the importance of hunting as a socially and culturally acceptable activity. To do this, we are developing new programs that build upon the tradition of excellence established by the American Wilderness Leadership School in Wyoming. These programs include:


Inform educators, NGOs, corporations, state agency personnel and others about the role of hunting in conservation and society by bringing our message to them wherever they are. We will rely on partners and sponsors to implement custom programs that meet their needs. This can include American Wilderness Leadership School programming and more.


Working with SCI Government Affairs staff, provide educational programming and outdoor activities for federal and state legislators and their staff so that they are familiar with the North American Model and the economic, cultural and management importance of hunting in the United States. The first iteration of this program was successfully implemented in August with six U.S. representatives and 24 staffers in Montana.


More and more Americans now get their news and information from social media sources, including social media personalities (e.g., influencers and brand ambassadors). SCI Foundation will use the platforms and experiences of these individuals to build social acceptance of hunting among young people.


Colleges and universities are key places to access younger generations and educate them about the role of hunting within the North American Model of Conservation. SCI Foundation will partner with university programs to bring our message to tomorrow’s leaders.

As the programs listed above are developed and implemented, we will be monitoring their impact and costs. This gives us a chance to assess interest in this new approach, evaluate our curricula’s impact and reach, and determine the real cost.

As with any program, we will be monitoring the results and adjusting, if needed, to reach the younger generations and pass on the importance of conservation and how hunting benefits land and wildlife conservation.

Opportunities to sponsor or partner with SCIF are available and critical to continuing to have an impact through these programs. SCIF staff will work with partners and sponsors to develop curricula specific to your location and important issues. Program length and content can vary, depending on your needs. We will also work with partner organizations to find suitable locations to host various events.

Please contact SCIF or Assistant Education Director Todd Roggenkamp at (520)954-0664 or [email protected] to learn more about these programs.

All of our education programs rely on the interest and support of individuals, foundations, corporations and other conservation organizations.