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Take A Gander At PETA’s “What’s In And What’s Out”

Never missing an opportunity to manufacture news, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has issued its own list of what is in and what is out in the coming year. As might be expected, all kinds of silliness ensues.

From the full list are the following highlights:

Goat milk is out, oat milk is in. [What happened to almond milk?]

Puppies on shopping lists are out, senior dog bucket lists are in. [Aside from wondering what a senior dog bucket list is, it is a well-known fact that PETA is opposed to the idea of pets. Just ask the owners of the dogs kidnapped and “euthanized” by PETA.]

dog in sunglassesBringing home the bacon is out, bringing home the bagels is in. [How about bringing home both – bacon and bagels would make a great breakfast.]

Burning lamb’s tails off for wool is out, burning your bra is in. [First of all, it is difficult to say where PETA came up with the idea of burning tails off for wool – that seems counterintuitive. Secondly – there are published pictures of PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk in the buff while pretending to be a slab of meat – don’t burn any clothing. Please.]

Greyhound racing is out, greyhound adoption is in. [Unless the greyhounds are puppies, because senior dog bucket lists trump puppies.]

Forcing dogs to pull sleds in the Iditarod is out, pulling your own sled across the Antarctic (SIC) is in. [Either way – brrr.]

And finally, in a break from reality – imprisoned animals on cracker boxes are out, accidentally vegan animal crackers are in. [What is an accidentally vegan animal cracker?]

Regardless the frivolity of the “what’s in and what’s out” list, one thing is certain. The animal rights groups’ hijinks of the past year will continue, so stay tuned for more reports of PETA nonsense.

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