Swarovski Optik’s 2021 New Product Lineup

SCI National Partner Swarovski Optik pulled back the curtain on an impressive lineup of new products for 2021:

dS GEN II Riflescope

The new design is slimmer and has greater distance between the magnification adjustment ring making it even easier to operate the adjustment ring when aiming.

The new dS GEN II shows not only the correct aiming point, but also the key ballistic data in the heads-up display without any distraction and in real time. Now with the option to select the G7 Ballistic Coefficient or the G1 Ballistic Coefficient providing added precision. As well as optional trajectory correction by means of impact point deviation (only necessary to measure muzzle velocity, BC calculation by means of impact point deviation).

The windage mark intervals are calculated based on the distance measured, the wind speeds set, and the ballistic data. Featuring five different wind speeds which can be switched via the App.

The new Gen II display features distance, muzzle velocity, energy, bullet flight time and an alignment indicator to show if the scope is level that clearly provides you with all the hunting data that can contribute to a successful hunt. With even more customization having six reticles to choose from and the ability to adjust the thickness of the lines and dots in the App.

The scope requires networking with a smartphone. Exchanging data is simple and straightforward via the Bluetooth® interface. The personal ballistic data entered is input directly into the dS app and transmitted immediately.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK has enhanced our already developed “smart” rifle scope, which provides hunters with even more intelligent support. Technical and long-range optical innovations, combined with the hunter’s own expertise, make it possible to remain totally focused even in challenging situations.

EL Range with Tracking Assistant Binocular

 These redesigned range finding binoculars allow you to transfer your own ballistics data to make an accurate assessment of every hunting situation. The new innovative tracking assistant helps narrow down the area where your last shot hit the target.

The new EL Range with Tracking Assistant features SWAROVISION technology. Now with perfect edge to edge sharpness, and combined with color fidelity and outstanding detail resolution. 

Using the built-in Bluetooth interface, three different ballistics

curves can be fed in the EL Range with Tracking Assistant. While all the other settings can also be adjusted on the binocular itself, configuring the ballistics has to be done via the EL Range with Tracking Assistant Configurator App. The range measurement of the EL Range with Tracking Assistant is based on a travel time measurement using a laser. The range can be measured between 10.9 yards (10 meters) and 2200 yards (2000 meters).

Once the ballistic data is entered into the app, you can choose to have the EL Range with Tracking Assistant send back data letting the user know elevation corrections in the rifle scope in MOA, MRAD or clicks. Angle, Temperature and Air Pressure are automatically measured by the EL Range with Tracking Assistant in calculating the corrections.

The featured Tracking Assistant helps the hunter identify the target area by measuring back to the point where the last shot was fired. This can be done in two ways: via the EL Range with Tracking Assistant and via the app.

The FRR Forehead Rest Range is available as an accessory and provides a stable three-point support to ensure maximum stability and comfort when observing for extended periods. The forehead rest can be adjusted so that your gaze is lined up perfectly. It is mounted on the focusing wheel in place of the battery cover, whose function it replaces.

This newly designed range finding binocular is a hunters dream come true. An amazing optical system paired with state of the art ballistic range finding technology will insure success in the field.

CL Pocket Binocular

The latest product in the CL family has been redesigned and sets new standards for fitting more comfortably in your hand. The binoculars are easy to use with its small size and outstanding optical quality. No matter where you are, you’ll always be ready to marvel at the wonders of nature.

These high-precision optics allow you to observe wildlife in a relaxed manner without your eyes getting tired, while ensuring you can see every detail. It has a large field of vision and is 100% suitable for eyeglass wearers. With outstanding edge-to-edge sharpness and high transmission, you are guaranteed high-contrast, sharp, color-true images for unforgettable viewing experiences.

With its sharp, ergonomic design and easy-grip protective housing, these binoculars offer you a comfortable way of viewing. Weighing in at just 12.3 ounces and at 4.3 inches long, it slips easily into a small bag, making it the perfect companion. Its modern design in two colors, green and anthracite, can be combined with different accessory sets to suit your particular needs.

The CL Pocket is made for the outdoors with its improved double bridge and sturdy aluminum housing protecting this finely manufactured optic, while the inert gas filling prevents water and dust from entering the binoculars. The CL Pocket is available in 8×25 or 10×25 magnification and is supplied with a field bag, carrying strap, microfiber cloth, and eyepiece cover.

Kahles K525i DLR

 The rugged K525i with its magnification range has been developed for tactical use and long distances. It has now been improved based on shooter feedback with greater field of view and easier to read turrets. 

While maintaining the clearly defined, precise clicks, the turret now features 100 clicks per rotation allowing for larger and easier to read numbers. With 10 mils of adustment per rotation and the highly visible turret indicator, knowing your adjustments is effortless.

An increased field of view, 8% greater than other K525i riflescopes, assists in faster target acquisition. Coupled with the SKMR4 1st focal plane reticle makes this a perfect match for competition and in the field. 

As always, all of the operating elements can easily and comfortably be operated with your preferred hand, without having to reach over the scope and without having to move out of the shooting position. The patented parallax correction on top of the riflescope makes right and left-handed operation equally comfortable. Ergonomically the windage is ideally placed on the left side for right-handed shooters and on the right side for left-hand shooters. Left or right hand windage turrets are an option on the K525i DLR (as well as many other KAHLES rifle scope models).

A pioneer in riflescopes since 1898 and backed by a wealth of tradition, KAHLES is known throughout the world for their pioneering spirit and capability to deliver exceptional quality optics. KAHLES products are manufactured in Guntramsdorf, located near Vienna, Austria.  

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