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Stealth Cam G34X Trail Cam

stealth cam

The new Stealth Cam G34X takes the performance of trail cameras to the next level.

The G34X advances the G34 Pro platform with its new 26 Megapixel resolution, providing unparalleled clarity in still imaging and video capture. Featuring a 16:9 wide imaging ratio, HD video recording and SD card compatibility to store up to 512GB, the G34X maintains high resolution and high capacity recording capability for high triggering  event locations or remote locations and infrequent card checks.

The G34X also offers a wide array of programming options to customize recordings to take best advantage of the site and location conditions. The 34 IR emitters feature an adjustable range that extends to 100 feet. Essential capture data such as time, date, temperature, moon-phase and GPS meta-tagging help with game management and hunt planning.

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