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Hunting is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities you can participate in, and with the increasing popularity of suppressors, it’s only natural that people will ask if they can hunt with suppressors. The answer is, by and large, a resounding yes! Currently, 40 out of the 50 states allow hunting with suppressors, meaning that most anyone who wants to do so can without having to travel far!

States That Allow Suppressors For Hunting

There are presently 42 states that allow ownership of suppressors, and 40 of them permit hunting with suppressors. This means that almost all of the best hunting spots in the country are open to suppressed hunting. 

Only two suppressor-legal states, Connecticut and Vermont, don’t allow hunting with suppressors.

If you live in one of those states, consider connecting with local gun-rights advocacy groups and pressing your elected officials to embrace firearms and hunting safety by allowing the use of suppressors when hunting.

A Better Hearing Protection Solution For Hunters

By and large, the best form of hearing protection for the hunter and shooter today is the firearm silencer. Also known as a suppressor or muffler because they do not truly silence a firearm, these devices reduce the sound signature to a relatively safe level. 

The reason they are called silencers is because that’s what Hiram Percy Maxim named his invention when he developed the first commercial firearm silencer in 1902 and secured a patent for it in 1909. So, in a way, “silencer” is a trade name for suppressor just as “Kleenex” is a trade name for facial tissue.

Exposure to Rifle Shots Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

When a firearm’s report exceeds 140 decibels, this creates a dangerous and traumatic effect on the shooter’s hearing. Prolonged exposure to these noise levels will cause permanent hearing loss. There is even some evidence that noise levels below this threshold can be equally damaging.

An unsuppressed hunting rifle typically exceeds the decibel (dB) threshold for pain as established by OSHA. While suppressed firearms help a great deal in reducing the sound signature, the sound is still there. 

We have published a chart and another article about the various dB levels with regard to hunting rifles and pistols that you may want to read to get a better idea of these numbers. 

In general, hunting with a suppressor can lessen the sound of most gunshots by anywhere from 25 to 35 decibels, depending on the silencer and caliber in question. This is below the threshold for most hearing protection commonly worn in or over the ears. If you hunt with dogs, it protects their hearing, too.

Benefits of Hunting Suppressed

Even when they were first commercially introduced in 1909, suppressors were actively marketed to hunters, and for good reason – they make hunting safer and quieter, eliminate the need for bulky hearing protection, and improve accuracy when shooting.

Here are just a few of the reasons why suppressed hunting is better hunting:

It makes the outdoors quiet again

Suppressors, when paired with the right firearm and ammo, reduce the sound of a gunshot to hearing safe levels, and “dull the edge” of the sound of a gunshot.

A suppressed rifle doesn’t disturb the game that you are after

Animals have great hearing, and that’s to their benefit – not yours. The hearing of coyotes, squirrels, wild pigs, mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, moose, caribou, and plenty of other game animals all have incredible hearing. The sound of a gunshot can keep them out of their known territory for weeks at a time. 

Hunting with a suppressor is safer

While in recent years electronic ear muffs that allow you to hear ambient noise while blocking the sound of gunfire have hit the market, the simple fact is most hunters still choose between no ear protection or wearing something that makes it hard to hear what is going on around them. Using a suppressor on your hunting rifle allows you to hear everything that is going on around you, and not damage your hearing when taking a shot.

Accuracy is improved when shooting with a suppressor

This benefit has also been touted since the early 20th century. This is because the physics of a silencer reduces felt recoil and muzzle climb. With both of these factors greatly reduced, shooters find their rifles easier to shoot. So it isn’t that silencers make the gun more accurate per se, but they make it easier for YOU to shoot your gun more accurately.

Which Suppressors are Best for Hunting?

It could be argued that a suppressor is as important to a hunter as the firearm on which it is mounted. We see the sound suppressor as probably the number one firearm safety device to which every hunter and shooter should have direct access.

The best hunting rifle needs the best suppressor 

Of course, we should consider what kind of rifle we are putting a suppressor on. As a general rule, any well-made rifle is suitable to be used as a suppressor host. The “best” suppressed hunting rifle really does become academic, because there is no single best hunting rifle. So we’ll assume you have a good rifle and want to put one of the best suppressors for hunting on it.

BANISH Suppressors for Hunting

We are a tad bit biased towards our famous BANISH suppressor line, and for good reason. The all-titanium, user-serviceable and multi-caliber BANISH suppressor is truly the one that fits any gun. We designed the entire line to work with the most popular hunting and sporting rifle and handgun cartridges while offering true hearing-safe performance across a range of dozens of different cartridges. No other suppressor line offers the same kind of value, performance, and functionality as the BANISH suppressor.

However, we know that people like consumer choice, and as the nation’s largest silencer dealer, we are happy to sell you whatever silencer you want.

Why You Need to Get Your Hunting Rifle’s Barrel Threaded

Many common hunting rifles do not have barrels threaded for a suppressor. Some do, but not all of them. There are many reasons for this, most of which boil down to cost. Suppressors are an optional accessory that often cost more than the gun they are being mounted on. This means there is little reason to thread every barrel that comes out of a factory.

Most hunting rifles show up without threaded barrels, the exception to this is many semiautomatic sporting rifles which usually have threaded muzzles for common muzzle brakes or flash hiders. These can be quickly fitted with suppressors. But odds are good that your favorite single-shot, bolt-action, or older semiautomatic rifle isn’t suppressor-ready. 

When you consider the best-suppressed hunting rifle is often the one you own and are comfortable with, barrel threading becomes very important. You could trust your rifle to a gunsmith using hand tools or inexpensive machine tools and hope that they’ll do the job right, or you could have your barrel threaded on a state-of-the-art CNC machine that cuts more perfect threads than are possible by any other means.

That’s why we offer an easy mail-in barrel threading program! Our state-of-the-art machines will do a more perfect job than even most factories are capable of, and the best part is that it’s incredibly easy and affordable! 

Get Suppressed Before You Hunt

Are you ready to own a suppressor for your hunting rifle? That’s exactly what Silencer Central is here for.

We’ve long recognized there are distinct markets for suppressors including tactical/military/law enforcement, and the hunter. So, if you to hunt with a suppressor, we know a thing or two or three about the needs of hunters and sport shooters just like you, because you are our entire reason for existence. Our dedicated expert staff can help you select the perfect suppressor for your hunting rifle that meets your unique combination of budget, performance, and end-use.

In addition, Silencer Central has offices in all 42 silencer legal states, so we know what it takes to navigate the laws for your specific state. Plus, we are the only silencer dealer who can perform the entire transaction from purchase to submitting ATF paperwork, to delivering your suppressor entirely by mail!

That’s right, for the first time since 1934, mail order silencers are again possible – and only through Silencer Central. We also offer a FREE NFA gun trust to all our customers that not only makes registering your suppressor easy but serves as a trust for all your NFA devices.

No matter if you are an experienced silencer owner or are just getting your first hunting rifle suppressor, we are here for you. Drop us a line or send us an email and let’s get you started with selecting the best suppressor for hunting right now.

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