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Silencer Central is a one-stop-shop with a revolutionary turnkey, easy and contactless process for silencer purchasing. We’ve figured out how to deliver the best service in silencer sales through our revolutionary and unique process. We do it all ourselves, with no wholesaler or dealer involved to gum up the process allowing us to get you your silencer even more quickly. The service we’ve provided to silencer purchasers since 2005 is now available online. When you order from us, we take care of all of the details and paperwork, so you can just sit back and await the arrival of your silencer on your doorstep.

Partnering with the largest, international organization that supports hunting and wildlife management, is our way of demonstrating our serious commitment to the continued education of hunters and policy-makers in the value of using suppressed firearms when hunting. We are proud to bring our products and services to the SCI membership and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.

Brandon Maddox, President, Silencer Central

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