Sightmark Accudot Boresights

Sightmark Accudot

Sightmark’s Accudot Boresights can help eliminate wondering whether your rifle is sighted in even before you fire your first shot.

Designed to hold up to the grittiest range environment, the Accudot Boresight provides a fast point-of-impact and point-of-aim identification saving time and ammunition. The Accudot features an internal rechargeable battery saving money in battery costs.

The Accudot Boresight features an auto-on/off function and is constructed of thick-walled machined brass, housing a Class IIIa laser and bullet tip for improved chamber fit and more precise centering.

The Sightmark Accudot Boresight is available in a wide range of calibers from .223/5.56 to .30-’06. An Accudot is also available for 12-gauge.

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