Several Anti-Hunting Bills Introduced In California Legislature

California flag

Several bills have been introduced in the California legislature that will infringe on sportsmen and women's ability to hunt and prepare for hunting at a shooting range including:

SB 1175 (Stern) Iconic African Species Protection Act would prohibit the importation into California of specified species of game animals (and parts thereof) lawfully taken in African countries.

These species are neither rare nor endangered. There is no valid scientific reason to ban their importation and, by doing so, SB 1175 would be in conflict with the Federal Endangered Species Act. It would thus be preempted and invalid under federal law. SB 1175 would effectively prevent Californians from hunting in African countries and curtail an important revenue source for those countries

The severe administrative penalties imposed by this bill could create a bounty hunter mentality on the part of Department of Fish and Wildlife personnel that would result in undue harassment of lawful citizens. Furthermore, the fines proposed are excessive for a species that is neither rare nor endangered and which can be possessed legally outside of California.

AB 3071 (Mullin) Lead ammunition: shooting ranges would prohibit the sale or use of lead ammunition of any kind at both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

AB 3071 would prevent a hunter from practicing with the ammunition that he or she will be using on a hunting trip out of state.

To monitor the progress of these bills, and other legislation important to hunters across the nation, sign up for SCI’s Hunters Advocacy Action Center today!

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