Senate Confirms MacGregor as Deputy Secretary of the Interior


Katharine MacGregor

With strong bipartisan support, the United States Senate has confirmed the nomination of Katharine MacGregor as Deputy Secretary of the Interior.  Her nomination was re-approved by the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee on February 11th after a previous committee approval lapsed at the end of last year.

“SCI congratulates Ms. MacGregor on her well-deserved appointment.  We’re thankful that President Trump nominated her and happy the Senate took quick action to approve the nomination,” said SCI CEO Laird Hamberlin.  “Kate has the experience of working directly with Congress on hunting and conservation issues and has been at the Department of Interior since day 1 of the Trump administration.  There is no one better suited to represent the sportsmen and women of the United States in this position and SCI is excited to work closely with her moving forward.”

Ms. MacGregor has served in several positions at the Interior Department since joining the Trump Administration in January 2017, including serving as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Land & Minerals Management.  Prior to joining the Department, MacGregor worked on Capitol Hill for 10 years, serving two chairmen of the House Natural Resources Committee.

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R–AK) spoke to the importance of the position of Deputy Secretary and expressed her support for Ms. MacGregor as the nominee during a previous Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee hearing, stating “Ms. MacGregor has served at Interior from the start of this administration, and has a decade of experience here on Capitol Hill.  Her nomination has drawn strong support from a wide range of groups, from the Alaska Federation of Natives to the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.”

Senator Joe Manchin (D–WV), also acknowledged his support for Ms. MacGregor as the nominee during the same hearing.  “I also see you as qualified to better bridge the divide between the Department of the Interior and Congress, and we need that.  You know this institution.  You spent ten years working for the House of Representatives including six years on the staff of the House Natural Resources Committee… You are clearly qualified for the position as you have already performed its duties for the last six months… I am pleased to support your nomination” said Senator Manchin.

SCI has actively supported her nomination throughout the process, with SCI members across the country contacting their Senator’s through the Hunter Advocacy Action Center to voice their support for her nomination.

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