SCI’s Women Go Hunting Recognizes Winners of the 100 Woman Challenge

The winners of the 100 Woman Challenge will be recognized during SCI’s 52nd Annual Convention in Nashville, TN, at the Women Go Hunting Mix & Mingle event held February 3, 2024, from 9:30-11:30 am in 205ABC. The challenge was part of SCI’s Women Go Hunting initiative recognizing women as an important part of this year’s Convention theme, The Future of Hunting.

Fifteen women who entered trophies in SCI’s World Hunting Awards Program during the challenge will receive a Prois Allta All Seasons jacket valued at $189, donated by Prois Hunting CEO Kirstie Pike. The woman with the most entries made will receive a high-quality felt field hat by Greely Hat Works valued at $499, donated by AnnaV Outdoors.

The winners of the Prois Hunting Jacket are:

  • Judy Black
  • Tina M. Carter
  • Donna Rae Cowell
  • Joni Dryer
  • Vanessa Falk Lindner
  • Sarah Farrar
  • Ashley Frederick
  • Lisa Gingerich
  • Desirae Gonzalez
  • Kisha Kauffman
  • Chelsea Lester
  • Sadie Lester
  • Megan Ross Somers
  • Kelsey Slusser
  • Christina Wynn

The woman with the most entries made during the 100 Woman Challenge and grand prize winner of the custom field hat by Greely Hat Works is:

  • Vanessa Falk Lindner with 76 entries.

The Mix & Mingle is a free ladies-only cocktail event open to all women attending the SCI Convention. For more information see