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Safari Club International, the leader in defending the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide, is pleased to announce an endorsement agreement with Trophy Scan, a revolutionary 3D technology to create an exact digital image of any sized trophy. 

Trophy Scan’s patented VoluMetrics (VM)™ scoring and measuring software represents the latest and most advanced trophy game measuring and scoring toolset ever developed. The patented processes of 3D scanning, measuring and physical replications of trophy game animals represent the future of how we study and evaluate, measure and score, conserve and preserve game species. Hunters are encouraged to consider using Trophy Scan to determine if their trophy qualifies for the SCI Record Book, then using an SCI Official Measurer to confirm the entry. 

Once scanned, the hunter now has a full catalog of commemorative options available from Trophy Scan featuring an exact replica of their trophy. From business card holders, decanter tops, jewelry, to bronzes of all sizes, as well as taxidermy quality full-size replicas, every piece is identical to the actual trophy, with details down to 1/100th of an inch. Trophy Scan will be offering a full slate of SCI commemoratives, all based on an exact replica of a hunter’s trophy.

“Trophy Scan is the future of evaluating game for both conservation and preserving the memory of a successful hunt,” said Chip Hunnicutt, Director of Marketing and Communications for SCI. “It not only measures according to the SCI method utilizing lengths and circumferences, it can accurately measure complete antler volume, accurate down to 1/100th of a cubic inch. This could be a game changer.” 

“We are excited about bringing the Trophy Scan technology to SCI members and outfitters” said Clint Stewart, CEO of Trophy Scan. “SCI was the obvious choice to partner with and the data Trophy Scan generates will contribute to the organization’s mission of wildlife conservation.”

SCI will be evaluating the tool for consideration as an official method of measurement. To learn more, visit them online at

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CELEBRATE Scan and catalogue your trophy in virtual 3D. Commemorate the hunt and celebrate your hard-earned trophy by sharing it with your friends. SCORE Exactly measure the total volume of your trophy. Trophy Scan uses state-of-the-art scanning technology and our revolutionary VoluMetrics™ software to measure any horn, antler, skull or spur.




Trophy Scan will be showcasing their system at the 2020 SCI Convention in Reno, Nevada, February 5-8.


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