SCI Utah Chapter’s Annual Banquet Affirms Wildlife Conservation Commitment

On May 15th, Safari Club International’s Utah Chapter raised an astounding $350,000 hosting its Annual Conservation Auction and Banquet. The net proceeds will be dedicated to a multitude of wildlife and habitat conservation efforts in Utah. 

SCI Utah Chapter will give thirty percent of the funds raised at the dinner and the preceding auction ($105,000) directly to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR). Sixty percent of funds raised ($210,000) will be spent by the chapter and its members on DWR-approved wildlife conservation projects that will reap benefits for Utah’s wildlife and the state’s outdoor community for decades to come. 

The conservation commitment of SCI and its Utah chapter will be reflected in funding activities that include, but are not limited to, fire rehabilitation for affected habitat areas, biological studies, wide-ranging habitat improvements and the construction of water guzzlers that provide lifesaving drinking water for a wide variety of wildlife species.  

Chris W. Cox, President of Capital 6 Advisors and the Banquet’s special guest speakerremarked, “The incredible success of SCI Utah’s Annual Conservation Auction and Banquet demonstrates Utah’s strong support for our hunting heritage and right to keep and bear arms. The money raised at this event will ensure that wildlife species and their habitats will continue to grow and thrive. The enthusiasm and dedication from the chapter members clearly show that the future of hunting and conservation in Utah is in good hands.”

SCI Utah Chapter President Isaac Erickson commented on the success of the banquet, saying, “we are deeply appreciative of the support that our chapter members and the entire hunting community provided to our Annual Conservation Auction & Fundraiser. Thanks to them, we had an incredibly successful event and now have critical funds to support local wildlife conservation initiatives in line with SCI’s conservation mission in Utah and across the globe. The outlook for the Utah Chapter is bright, and we look forward to providing a host of engaging activities this year for our chapter membership.”