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SCI Urges Members To Get Out And Vote Nov. 6

With less than one month to go before the 2018 U.S. midterm elections, sportsmen and women need no reminder of what is at stake.

Well-funded animal extremists are working every day to end hunting. Our hunting heritage is being challenged across the nation at every level of government. The results of this election could significantly alter the future outdoor activities our children and grandchildren can enjoy.

The key to protecting our outdoor heritage for future generations lies with us – and to preserve it, sportsmen and women must vote. They must encourage friends, family and fellow hunters to voice their support for pro-sportsmen legislators at the ballot box. Electing pro-hunting candidates is essential to protecting our hunting heritage.

american flagSCI urges every member to get out and vote. This is true not only at the federal level, but it is also critical at the state level. The importance of having pro-hunting legislators in Congress and state legislatures cannot be overstated.

Anti-hunters and animal rights activists use emotions to elect candidates who share their ideological worldview. They use those same emotional arguments, not facts, to push their anti-hunting legislative agenda. America’s hunting community cannot allow that to happen.

Hunters are America’s best wildlife and habitat conservationists. When sportsmen continue supporting pro-hunting legislators, the nation’s outdoor heritage is protected for future generations.

Make sure to get out and vote Nov. 6. Support candidates who stand up for America’s hunters at the federal and state levels. Ensure that future generations enjoy the freedom to hunt!

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