SCI Record Book Work From Home Contingency Plan

SCI Record Book Work From Home Contingency Plan

Many sectors of the United States work force are now working from home in an effort to slow the transmission of COVID-19. SCI is following the government restrictions in both the Tucson and DC offices, and most of SCI staff is now telecommuting.

Although challenging, SCI has adapted, and we are here to continue making sure our members needs are met!

One area that many members have had questions about is whether or not the SCI Record Book team will still be working.

The answer is, YES! To answer those questions, the First For Hunters blog interviewed SCI’s Record Book Director, Gabe Paz.

FFH: Gabe, a lot of our members are wondering if they should even worry about submitting entries during this time. Is your team even able to process entries right now?

GABE: The SCI Record Book Department Team will be working from their homes temporarily until the SCI business center is reopened for employee access.  Our dedicated staff is determined to continue processing our members entries and SCI World Hunting Awards and during this time and they are requesting that all entries are submitted electronically – either emailed as a photograph or pdf.

FFH: That’s awesome. So entries can only be sent via electronic form. No paper entries?

GABE:  We prefer electronic entries. Record Book Staff will be able to accept entry forms, affidavits and photographs electronically by email.  Staff is also prepared to receive pictures of documents by email or cell phone at [email protected]. Members can also mail in their entries. We have staff at opening the mail. As soon as an entry is received, we will process it right away.

FFH: How would members log in to submit entries?

GABE:  Login information is the same for the SCI Website. Members may submit their Record Book Entries or Photo Entries online using the Online Record Book.

FFH: What about receipt of plaques, awards, or other record book products? Will your team be able to send those out right now?

GABE: All shipping of plaques, World Hunting Awards, Official Measuring Kits or any other Record Book product will be delayed until we are able to work from our building again. All award plaque production will be postponed until our engraver is able to return to the office.

FFH: There was a Live Video Seminar scheduled for April 18th. Is that still planned, or has that been postponed?

GABE: The April 18th Live Video Seminar has been postponed as the International Wildlife Museum has been closed and we will not be able to host a class until we are able to enter the building again.

FFH: Where do our members go if they have any questions during this very trying time?

GABE:  Our staff is available to assist our members with passwords, sending electronic documents and payments for entries and World Hunting Awards. General inquiries can be made at [email protected]

FFH: Any final thoughts or suggestions for SCI members?

GABE: Now is a great time research where our members can go on their next hunt. Our team can provide the members with achievement summaries and ideas on planning future hunts.

FFH: Thank you, Gabe, for answering these questions. We all hope that business will be back to normal as quickly as possible!

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