SCI Northern Nevada Chapter 18th Annual Fundraising Banquet and Auction

DSC_0038Nevada leads the nation in unemployment, yet the members and friends of NNSCI and SCI came out in record numbers to participate in our 18th Annual Banquet on March 15, 2013. More than 600 people attended, up 20 percent from last year. The past two years of hard work and spreading the word about why SCI and the Northern Nevada Chapter are important to Nevada sportsmen are paying off.

Though the Northern Nevada Chapter is small, it has accomplished many big things. We won SCI’s “Top Gun Award” in 2011, and recently were recognized with SCI’s “Diamond Conservation Award” and 2012 “Chapter of the Year” in our size category. These are huge accomplishments for a small chapter. We are proud of our work following in the footsteps of SCI’s larger chapters. I hope our accomplishments will inspire chapters of all sizes.L1060599

This year’s banquet was a reflection of our efforts to tell sportsmen and their friends what we are doing for them. It was also in recognition of this past year’s efforts, and the attendees’ support of work yet to be accomplished. The following projects will continue to be NNSCI Chapter priorities.

  • Endangered Species Act–preventative listing of the Greater Sage-Grouse
  • Education/Scholarships for our youth
  • Conservation efforts
  • Humanitarian efforts
  • Protecting Hunters Rights, on federal and state level

Sean Shea, SCI National Life Member and local County Advisory Board Member, noted that NNSCI had a successful banquet. From the moment he walked in, the atmosphere was great. The volunteers were cheerful and having a great time. The food was excellent, thanks to the Silvery Legacy, and the mood for the entire evening was really upbeat. Thanks to everyone who helped with the dinner for doing an outstanding job.

DSC_0028Jeremy Drew, past NNSCI Scholarship recipient and current Nevada State Wildlife Commissioner said, ‚ÄúIt was only fitting that a record crowd was on hand to help celebrate the Chapter‚Äôs recent accomplishments–Top Gun, Diamond Conservation and Chapter of the Year Award–and help push the scholarship fund over the $100,000 mark.¬† The Northern Nevada Chapter‚Äôs leadership and membership should be proud of their accomplishments.¬† It was an honor to be part of this year‚Äôs banquet.‚Äù

The banquet was a great success and a good time was had by all. Enjoy the photographs and visit our web page,–Terrence Melby, NNSCI Director

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