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SCI Members in Europe Rally to Aid Ukrainian Refugees

SCI chapters in Europe have organized various humanitarian efforts to assist Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in their home country. Both SCI Iberian and SCI Italian chapters have delivered desperately needed aid, with other chapters preparing to send support as well.

On Monday, March 21, the SCI Iberian Chapter from Spain, secured a 40-ton truck to transport healthcare materials, food, clothes and other essential goods for delivery to Ukraine via the Polish border. 

All the goods were collected during the CINEGÉTICA Game Fair held in Madrid the previous weekend. SCI members from across Europe attended the event, which coincided with a mass rally of 550,000 people demonstrating in support of hunting. SCI members were there to defend hunting rights and also secure donations during the mass event to save lives at the Ukrainian border.

In Italy, the SCI Italian Chapter also participated in a humanitarian drive to support Ukrainian refugees. Chapter member Paolo Caprioglio led the delivery of essential goods – sleeping bags, medicines, etc. – as well gifts for the thousands of children who fled the war in Ukraine along with their mothers.

The Lusitania and Helvetia chapters have also pooled resources to assist displaced civilians pouring over the borders of Ukraine. SCI Chapter Service Specialist for Europe Pedro Vitorino was in communications with the Ukrainian chapter and working to secure accommodations for their families in other parts of Europe.

Anyone who wishes to support SCI humanitarian efforts in Europe may inquire at

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