SCI Hunter Information Service Offers Custom Hunt Report Research for Members

Now SCI members who need help researching their hunting options can get customized hunt report packages from SCI’s Hunter Information Service. Here’s how it works: Simply send an email to Provide your SCI membership number and tell us the destination, species or types of hunting operators that interest you. Our Hunter Information Service Liaison Barbara Crown will pull together the information you need. She will comb through the SCI Record Book and SCI database of hunt reports filed by other members, contact hunting operator associations and other industry sources to compile a custom report that helps you understand the destination you would be hunting, the particulars of hunting the species you are interested in and the variety of operators or agents that might be right for you.

The Hunter Information Service won’t recommend specific operators nor negotiate or book hunts for you. But you will get information customized to your specific interest along with advice and tips to help you decide what kind of hunting experience is right for you. A Custom Hunt Report will help you make an informed and confident decision about where to hunt and who to hunt with based on your needs and expectations.

Here’s what an SCI member from Italy had to say about a British Columbia moose hunting report Crown compiled for him recently: “I’ve started to look at what you have done. IT’S AMAZING!!! Very detailed! Thank you very much, you’ve been an amazing support and you’ve done a great job. I have to study a lot to go through all the information you collected. ???? Thank you very much again!” – Giovanni R.

The service is available to SCI members only and is part of your SCI membership benefits, so there’s no additional charge. Because each package is custom researched and compiled, delivery (by email only) can require up to several weeks. Some packages are more detailed than others and are based on the filed hunt reports and record book entries of SCI members. Additional research through SCI’s network may be necessary for some requests.

Crown is actively developing SCI’s collection of hunt reports to create a robust database for members in need of information for their hunt planning. While decisions on who to hunt with should never rely on a single positive or negative report, a collection of reports can show trends and patterns that help hunters better understand a particular opportunity.

As former editor of The Hunting Report Newsletter and Information Service, Crown managed a hunt report database for 20 years and reported on hunting developments worldwide. So, she brings a broad understanding of hunting destinations, species and operators from around the globe. Contact her for assistance or to submit your own hunt report on your latest hunting experience.

Hunt reports will also be featured in Safari Times, where you’ll read about different member experiences and get details to help your hunt planning efforts. Contact the Hunter Information Service today to submit a hunt report or to order a Custom Hunt Report Package.