SCI/F CEO Named to National Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council

Safari Club International is celebrating the appointment of CEO W. Laird Hamberlin to the Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council. Hamberlin was appointed to the Council by Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue– both of whom joined Hamberlin earlier this year for virtual question and answer sessions focused on hunting and conservation priorities. 

The Council’s purpose is to advise the Federal Government about methods to improve wildlife and habitat conservation endeavors that benefit wildlife resources, encourage partnership among the public, and benefit recreational hunting.

This achievement marks the first time that SCI has been selected to serve on the Council, recognizing SCI’s leadership in big game hunting and wildlife conservation both domestically and internationally. Hamberlin’s term on the Council began at the end of October and will last for three years. The Council convened on December 3rd.

“On behalf of Safari Club International, it is a tremendous honor to have been appointed to such an important advisory council.  I am eager to join other leaders in working to ensure the federal government recognizes through action the role hunters play in wildlife conservation worldwide.,” said Hamberlin. 

Hamberlin has been an SCI member since 1987 when he first got involved at the chapter level. After going on to serve on a variety of volunteer committees with SCI, Hamberlin took over the role of CEO in April of 2019. He built his career as a high-level business executive with a proven track record of growing sales and increasing revenue for distinguished companies and organizations. The wealth of knowledge he brings from the business world will be a valuable asset to the Council’s mission. 

Hamberlin also serves as CEO of the Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF). SCIF is a world leader in scientific wildlife research. The foundation has contributed more than $70 million (USD) into more than 100 different science-based conservation projects in 30 different countries worldwide over the last 20 years. Those research projects have focused on 43 species of wildlife and have cemented SCIF’s role as a world leader in researching and conserving internationally iconic game species worldwide. 

The Council made an excellent decision to add Hamberlin to the roster, and SCI is excited to promote the mission of the Council in an increased capacity moving forward.