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SCI Defends the Future of Hunting as California Youth Hunts Canceled

Safari Club International is suing the state of California over AB 2571, which prohibits marketing or advertising of firearms to minors. Because of its overly broad language, it does more than just violate constitutional freedoms – it threatens youth firearms training and education in the state. The law went into effect on July 1 and is already having devastating effects on the hunting community. 

For years, the SCI Orange County Chapter in California has hosted a Youth Quail Hunt. Started by Cliff and Toni McDonald, the hunt began with 17 youths in 2010 and has grown to 70+ in 2021. The three-day event teaches camping, conservation, hunting and harvest skills from start to finish at no cost to kids ages 8-15. For many, this is their first time hunting and a significant introduction to the outdoors. The weekend is held on the Mojave National Preserve, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife provides education and other resources at the event and has even created a special Early Season for hunters with junior hunting licenses in this area just to accommodate this hunt. 

Due to AB 2571, this hunt – a critical youth program – has been canceled. Donors, volunteers, and participants pulled out this year over fears that the new law would expose them to up to $25,000 in liability – or more. These fears are not unfounded as the law applies to any youth program that promotes the use of firearms by a member of the “firearm industry” and imposes fines of $25,000 per impression, occurrence, or publication of prohibited communications. A law which was supposedly intended to reduce gun violence is only having devastating effects on the hunting community and eliminating youth from the outdoor lifestyle. 

SCI, joined by Sportsmen’s Alliance, SoCal Top Guns, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation are leading the legal battle against this law that violates the free speech rights of hunters and puts well-established R3 efforts, like the Mojave Youth Quail Hunt, at risk. SCI will always defend YOUR hunting freedoms regardless of age, species, or location as we stand First for ALL Hunters. 

The future of hunting is at stake. To stand with SCI, please become a member or donate to this important cause today! 

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