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SCI Comments on Potential CO Blaze Orange Regulations

Recently, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission proposed a new requirement for archery hunters to wear blaze orange during the muzzleloader season. SCI opposes this for several reasons and submitted comments to the commission: 

On behalf of Safari Club International, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to comment on 2 CCR 406-2, regarding the requirement to use blaze orange during archery season when archery season overlaps with the muzzleloading season. 

Having analyzed the information surrounding the issue, SCI supports Option 4, maintaining the status quo, for three compelling reasons. First and foremost, every individual hunting afield has an obligation to clearly identify the target and what lies beyond prior to releasing a projectile, whether it be an arrow or a bullet. Second, individuals participating in the archery hunt already have the choice to wear or not wear blaze orange when the hunt overlaps with the muzzleloading season. SCI firmly believes that individual choice should be the rule, rather than the exception, particularly given the vast number of hunters in the field compared to the number of incidents reported. And finally, such a restriction does not impact the multitude of other individuals who may be in the field, such as anglers, campers, hikers or ranchers and therefore the impact is minimal compared to the whole but is largely impactful to the archers who have an already limited monthlong season and may feel like their success will be diminished with the restriction.

 Thank you again for the opportunity to comment on the issue, and SCI encourages you to keep the status quo, Option 4. SCI is dedicated to protecting the freedom to hunt and we appreciate the partnership with the Agency and the Commission. 

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