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SCI Celebrates National Hunt Fish Day 

Today, September 24, Safari Club International (SCI) joins the millions of hunters and anglers across the country in celebrating National Hunt Fish Day. Officially declared by President Nixon in 1971, on National Hunt Fish Day we recognize our hunting heritage, celebrate countless contributions to conservation, and appreciate the freedom to hunt.  

Hunters and anglers across the nation care more about our landscapes, wildlife, and waters than anyone and are critical to conservation funding and ecosystem management. The North American Model of Conservation – a user pays, public benefits system – is one of the most successful methods of conservation worldwide. Hunters and anglers are responsible for this widespread success, saving countless species and ensuring the long-term health of wildlife and wild places. 

SCI CEO W. Laird Hamberlin said, “I encourage all SCI members and advocates to take time today and throughout the season to get outside and enjoy the hunting freedoms we all cherish.”

SCI extends a thank you to all Governors who have recognized National Hunt Fish Day in their states as well. State legislatures and wildlife agencies across the country play a critical role in wildlife and habitat management, conservation, and hunting and fishing programs. Here is what they’re saying across the country: 

“As a fifth generation Oklahoman, I am so grateful for those who have gone before us and safeguarded a conservationist ethic championed by outdoorsmen and women. Hunters and anglers have long been the biggest supporters, by far, of programs to help maintain fish and wildlife populations and protect the wild places where they live. Now it’s our turn to protect  and build upon our nation’s rich wildlife legacy. It is my hope that every American will pause on National Hunting and Fishing Day to reflect on this great blessing. Better yet, get outside and take part in this heritage with rod or rifle in hand.” J.D. Strong, Director of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation 

“In Wyoming, we look forward to National Hunting and Fishing Day as a way to recognize our state’s outdoor heritage and celebrate those who are committed to the future of hunting, fishing and trapping. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department works with mentors and families to inspire the youth who will be stomping around the forest and along streambanks in the years to come. This special day reminds us that the legacy of conservation and our lifestyle lies in inspiring kids for life.” Brian Nesvik, Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department

“Celebrating National Hunting and Fishing Day is easy to do in Georgia. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Coastal Islands, Georgia’s amazing natural resources offer outstanding places to hunt and fish for people of all ages and skill level. We’re proud to steward these resources at the Georgia DNR, and we are also proud to partner with the local SCI chapters on various initiatives. Together, we continually work with them to host youth and veteran hunts, recognize DNR law enforcement officers, and promote issues of importance to sportsmen and women.” Mark Williams, Georgia Department of Natural Resources Commissioner 

“As SCI’s State Legislator of the Year, I am extremely proud to celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day. This annual celebration not only works to recognize hunters and anglers as the original conservationists but also promotes hunting and fishing to new participants. To that end, working with SCI to protect the freedom to hunt and increase access for South Carolina’s new and seasoned sportsmen and women, and especially youth, continues to be a top priority for me in the statehouse.” South Carolina State Representative Bobby Cox

Join us in celebrating this year! Get outside, buy a license, go hunting and fishing, celebrate your freedoms, and join the Hunter Advocacy Action Center (HAAC) to protect those freedoms for generations to come. And share your photos with SCI for a chance to be featured! 

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