SCI Celebrates Defeat of Anti-Hunting Bill in Colorado

Safari Club International (SCI), along with its many partners in the Colorado Wildlife Conservation Project, is celebrating last week’s defeat of Colorado Senate Bill 22-031.

SB 22-031 proposed a hunting and trapping ban on mountain lions, bobcats, and Canada lynx and was introduced in the Colorado Senate on January 12, 2022. After a lengthy hearing on February 3, 2022, science-based professional wildlife management prevailed over misleading emotional pleas and the bill failed to advance in the Senate Agriculture Committee on a 4-1 vote.

SCI joined a submitted letter with the CWCP and mobilized Colorado hunters through our Hunter Advocacy Action Center to oppose this bill. 

Thank you to all SCI members and followers for using our Hunter Advocacy Action Center (HAAC) to contact their Colorado Legislators regarding this issue. We also extend a huge thank you to our partners who diligently fought against this legislation. Whether it is Colorado, Arizona, Washington, or anywhere else where hunting and wildlife is being threatened, this shows that we are strong together!

Read the full press release here! 

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