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Please include the following information as desired for business card only

Space limitations on mica badges and business cards require short titles (No line more than 30 character spaces). If an SCI title is to appear with an SCI Chapter title on the same card, the SCI title must precede the SCI Chapter title and Chapter address. SCI Foundation titles must not appear on SCI–First For Hunters cards, as separate cards are available for the SCI Foundation. All the backs of SCI–First For Hunters cards are printed with “SCI is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.” There is one line for additional contact information that can be added to the front of each business card. And, if your Chapter Name fits on one line, you then have two lines for adding an office/suite number to a mailing address, a cell phone number, a local Web site address. Please note what you want to appear on each line.
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