SCI Advocacy: The State of the Sportsman

Amidst the critical national and international challenges of 2022, SCI remains committed to defending our freedom to hunt. With President Biden’s State of the Union this evening, there are four issues on our minds as sportsmen.  We will be watching to see whether he addresses any of them. 

  • Will Biden adopt a policy of No Net Loss of hunting access?

A No-Net-Loss policy means maintaining the current level of hunting and fishing access on federal public lands across the country. Committing to this policy is committing to sound stewardship of our natural resources as hunters and anglers are essential to the effective management of public land. 

  • Will Biden hold Big Tech accountable and stand up to censorship?

Censorship of hunting-related content on social media is everywhere, and it’s time we stood up to it. Whether it’s fact checkers or the algorithm, hunting-related content is often censored or removed, often impacting hunting businesses or conservation efforts. Many accounts are often suspended, with little justification and few, if any, processes to appeal. 

  • Will Biden commit to protecting the legal, regulated trade in wildlife?

Animal rights groups have petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to stop all imports, exports, and interstate shipping of wild mammals and birds, whether alive or dead.  The Center for Biological Diversity and the Natural Resources Defense Council asked the Service to impose this countrywide ban, citing concerns about the transmission of animal-borne diseases. SCI will not sit by and let these groups present a false narrative to the Service.  

  • Will Biden stand against draconian trophy bans?

The House and Senate passed two separate appropriations bills, which negotiations have not resolved yet. Included in the House version was Section 436, which would prohibit the use of funds to process import permits for lions and elephants from Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe – an effective trophy ban. The inclusion of Section 436, or any trophy ban, is in direct opposition to the testimony of African governments and communities, overwhelming scientific evidence, and proven conservation practices. 

Stand with SCI!

If you agree with these questions, let your elected officials know!  Tell your Congressmen and Senators what you stand for here:

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