SCI 50th Anniversary Rifle and Pistol Project Underway

John Bolliger Jr. creates a masterpiece of functional art for auction at the 2022 SCI Convention  

(Editor’s note: John Bolliger Jr. of the Mountain Riflery LLC once again is creating a masterpiece of functional art to be auctioned off at the 2022 SCI Convention in Las Vegas. The last rifle Bolliger created for SCI brought $250,000 at auction and John says the 50th Anniversary commemorative rifle will be the best he has ever created. And it will be accompanied by a 1911 pistol. Both firearms will be fully engraved by Colt Master Engraver Mike Dubber and presented in a Marvin Huey custom case. Plan to bid on this exquisite ensemble at the 2022 SCI Convention.)  

John Bolliger Jr. of the Mountain Riflery LLC is happy to announce that he will be constructing the SCI 50th Anniversary commemorative rifle.  The rifle will no doubt be the finest rifle to ever come from John’s shop.  

This unique rifle will feature a fully blueprinted Winchester Model 70 action that has been refined in every way possible. The one-of-a-kind rifle will be chambered in the time-proven .300 Winchester Magnum.  

Some of the highlights of the rifle will include a full length Krieger octagon barrel, full length extended top and bottom tangs, custom one-of-a-kind fluer de lis crossbolt heads, double ended fluer swivel bases and fluer bottom metal extensions. The extensive custom metalwork will  provide a great canvas for full coverage engraving.  

The handmade stock on this rifle will be constructed out of a world class piece of Turkish walnut. The blank came from a tree that was over 150 years of age. The blank has been stored in John’s shop for the last two decades, awaiting  a special project such as the 50th  SCI Commemorative.  

The 2022 SCI Auction project includes, for the first time, a presentation with a John Bolliger Custom Rifle and a Colt 1911 .45 Auto.   

Mike Dubber, Colt Master Engraver, is creating a .45 Colt 1911 Auto that will be engraved to complement Bolliger’s rifle. Mike is engraving both firearms with a common theme, including coordination of the engraving patterns on both pieces. The two will be presented in a common case that features both firearms. 

“The Colt Auto is a Government Model 1911 .45, produced by Colt in 2011.  The Colt has been stripped of the original finishes and the engraving is currently a work-in-progress. The gun will be entirely bordered in 24K line work.  The original grips were replaced with a premium set of American Elk Antler produced by Eagle Grips,” said Mike Dubber. 

“The Colt engraving will feature the SCI Logo and commemorative information engraved into the top frame.  The reminder of the gun will be finished in elaborate scroll work, gold vignettes and a selection of 24K Gold Inlaid American Game animals,” he explained. 

Both the rifle and pistol will be displayed in a fully fitted Marvin Huey custom case, complete with all the accessories.     

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