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SCI 50th Anniversary Commemorative Rifle-Pistol Project Moves Forward

As this crazy year continues to fly by, anticipation of this coming year’s Convention continues to grow. I am so much looking forward to the long-awaited reunion with all my great friends at this year’s Convention.

I am especially excited for the official unveiling of the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Rifle-Pistol project to SCI members. My team and I have been working on this project for nearly two years at this point.  

Stunning Turkish walnut stock ready for checkering pattern design and layout.

Some of the world’s best craftsmen have dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort to make this project truly special.  Without a doubt this is the finest rifle I have ever built.

All of the custom components of the rifle really set it apart from others I have done. In addition, the accompanying custom Colt .45 Auto pistol with its matching engraving theme will really make this project a true one of a kind.  

Since the last issue of Safari Magazine, the stunning Turkish walnut stock has really taken shape. My favorite parts of gunmaking is the hand shaping of the raw wood followed by the application of our proprietary stock finish process.

It is extremely rewarding to watch the smooth-flowing stock lines, beautiful wood grain and warm colors pop to life, once oil meets wood.  My oil finish application process alone takes in excess of a month to complete.

This work in progress photo of the Bolliger custom Rifle floorplate shows articulated and highly detailed scroll patterns with gold borders. The fleur de lis terminals at the top and bottom are filled with similar but finer scrolls and florals. The center oval is outlined in platinum and will be completed with a grizzly bear portrait in 24k gold.

Once the lengthy finish process has been completed, it is then time for the art of checkering the stock. The artistic aspect of designing a custom pattern that accents the stock’s lines and accentuates the overall theme is a real challenge.  I am  happy to announce that my father, John Bolliger Sr., will once again be contributing his unbelievable checkering talents on this rifle stock.  

My father is a true master with a checkering tool in-hand.  His artistic abilities designing and executing extremely difficult checkering patterns are truly remarkable.  I am so thankful for all the great years of working side by side with my father. Together, we have created some magnificent firearms for clients around the globe.  He has taught me so much in my life and it will be great to have him back in the shop once again, contributing his amazing talent on this special project.  

Master engraver Mike Dubber also has been hard at work with the spectacular full coverage engraving. He is currently working on a stunning gold inlaid bear on the top slide of the Colt pistol. 

Once the inlay is complete, the pistol will be ready for its final finish.  In conjunction with the Colt, Mike also has been working on the rifle parts layout, as well. 

I especially love how Mike has tied the two firearms together through a common engraving style and theme. Like my father and his checkering abilities, Mike is a true artist with an engraver. I can’t imagine building a world class rifle project without either craftsman on the team.

Please watch for updated pictures and information on my website or check us out on Facebook at Mountain Riflery.  Look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas!–John Bolliger Jr.

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