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Saskatchewan Rivers Chapter Supports Archery Clubs

Saskatchewan Rivers SCI donates to many archery clubs in Saskatchewan including the Watson Raiders Archery Club from Watson school in Saskatchewan. Because of donations like SCI’s the archery club was able to participate in its first competition out of province, as well as host it’s first home tournament, and expand the club close to 40 archers including archers from Watson and Englefeld. This year the club purchased bows, targets, team logos and team shirts. The home tournaments hosted up to 80 archers from surrounding rural communities.

Competitions this past year consisted of two home tournaments, provincials in Avonlea, SK and nationals in Edmonton, AB. This year the club had 21 archers compete at provincials and 15 at nationals. The senior archers competed at a high level scoring in the top 20 with scores ranging from 240-270’s. This is only the third year the club competed in archery and it’s well on its way towards scoring in the top 10 around the province. The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation started awarding scholarships to the top archers in the high school category with scholarships for post-secondary going to the top three male and female high school archers. This is a great incentive for all archers to stay in the program until graduation.

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