Safari Club International Requests Canadian Border Open for Vaccinated Americans

This week, Safari Club International (SCI) sent a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau requesting him to open the country’s border to fully vaccinated Americans. This is in response to Canada’s recently updated border policy which lifts the quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated Canadians traveling in and out of the country. Extending this policy to be consistent towards vaccinated Americans is not only a safe step towards fully reopening but is also vital for American hunters and the survival of Canadian outfitters. 

Thousands of hunters are in limbo, waiting for trips they booked before the COVID-19 pandemic to be rescheduled. Many paid high dollar amounts for hunts in Canada and are now left in uncertainty as there is no sign of when they may be able to travel into the country. Although a large number of these hunts were canceled, there are still many which can be redeemed and hunters could finally enter the country for the opportunity of a valued hunt. 

Additionally, opening the borders will help save Canadian outfitters and guides. By not allowing American hunters in, their revenues are significantly decreasing as they have few alternatives to keep their businesses afloat. The COVID-19 pandemic was a difficult and often devastating time for businesses around the world, but fully vaccinated Americans can safely begin to bring business back to the country and to outfitters. 

SCI will continue to fight for policies and guidelines to benefit hunters and outfitters around the world. Vaccinated sportsmen and women, and vaccinated Americans in general, can safely enter the country and help boost its recovery from the pandemic. Pandemic shutdowns were unavoidable, but now it is time to let businesses bounce back and allow Americans to continue their important traditions of hunting in Canada. 

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