Rigby Launches New Magnum Model Highland Stalker

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has added to their range of Highland Stalker rifles by releasing the Highland Stalker Magnum Model. Available to order in .300 Winchester Magnum, the first run of nine rifles are available to purchase now at Gordy & Sons Outfitters, USA. 

The new model features a 14 1/4-inch, oil finished grade five walnut stock, fitted with a red rubber recoil pad. Three inches longer than the standard Highland Stalker, it features a 25-inch heavy sporter profile barrel.

Designed as a longer distance scoped rifle, perfectly suited for hunting the African plains, the Western U.S. and all forms of mountain hunting, there are no fixed iron sights. As with each Highland Stalker model, it features a flame blued extractor spring, bolt release spring and magazine follower. Weighing 3.98kg and built on the traditional Mauser 98 action, the magazine holds three cartridges and one in the chamber. 

Marc Newton, managing director of Rigby, commented, “For years we have been asked by our customers if we could create a rifle in .300 Win Mag, but until now it had only been possible for us to create this as a London Best model. By utilizing the Highland Stalker as a base, we were able to build it up as a magnum model and meet demands, making both an effective rifle, whilst keeping the cost to the customer down to more accessible levels.” 

Gary Duffey, U.S. sales representative for Rigby, added, “In response to many inquiries from our valued customers, John Rigby & Co. has made a first run of nine Rigby Highland Stalker rifles in the popular .300 Winchester Magnum for the U.S. market. The rifle includes all of the standard features of the Highland Stalker with the addition of a 25” match grade barrel without sights. These first nine rifles are available at Gordy & Sons Outfitters, 22 Waugh Drive, Houston, Texas.” 

MSRP: $19,995 USD

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