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Record Book Approaching 200,000 Entries

hunter with ibex

SCI means many things to different people and one truth is certain: the more involved members become with SCI, the more they find what SCI has to offer. I invite all members to become more involved personally because it not only will help SCI, but it will be rewarding beyond expectations.

That’s right. The more involved members become, the more they find what they like about SCI and all that it offers and does on a daily basis. In today’s society, organizations and companies often deliver less than they promise or less than the consumer wanted.

SCI is the opposite. There is more to SCI than any one person could ever fully experience completely. The challenge is relaying that fact to those who don’t know the real SCI and having them become involved in the part or parts of SCI that suit them best will only showcase even more what SCI has to offer.

We’re taking bold steps to change the situation of what does SCI do or what do I get out of my SCI membership so that the image and the reality are one. Meanwhile, I can attest that the more each member becomes involved in SCI, the more valuable this great organization becomes to them and the more valuable SCI becomes to the world at large. It is a win-win for all.

With that in mind, I want to talk about the SCI Record Book. There is nothing else in its class in the world. Among other things, before long there will be 200,000 entries in the SCI Record Book. That’s a record for the record, so to speak and something all of us can celebrate.

Granted, participation in the Record Book may not seem interesting or important to some members and to some it may be controversial. But it is crucial to SCI itself, both from the revenue-generating perspective and from the viewpoint of reliable data that can be used in the fight against the anti-hunters who want to shut down both SCI and hunting itself.

The Record Book is a whole lot more than just a big brag book for those who take magnificent trophies on hunts around the world. It is a wealth of data and interesting information that can help members plan hunts as well as help keep the antis at bay.

The taxonomy in the Record Book alone is a valuable resource. There is information about all of the game species, where they occur from the countries to their ranges and other data that allows for a more complete understanding of the various species and how they fit into the overall natural world.

When combined with the information about what sizes of animals have been taken over time, the Record Book is a resource that outstrips anything else in the world. Simply put, it is the best and most complete record book ever compiled – and it continues to grow.

So, when members look at the Record Book, there are many things to see in addition to the trophies listed there – and that list is truly impressive. For example, contrary to the lies of the anti-hunters, the sizes of elephant tusks taken by SCI members has not diminished over the past 30 years. A quick look at the entries in the Record Book can set that straight.

hunter with whitetail deer

But there is more. During the past year, SCI has enhanced its Hunter Information Service. Along with that, Safari Times newspaper now includes Inside-Hunting content. Both the Hunter Information Service and Inside-Hunting content are tied together and tied to the Record Book. Again, this is part of an overall consolidation and coordination of SCI resources, all intended to deliver more and better benefits to members.

This is possible because Barbara Crown, formerly head of The Hunting Report, is handling the Hunter Information Service and is providing the Inside-Hunting content for Safari Times. That content results in expanded member hunt reports.

These are exciting times to be a member of SCI. Our members are the most passionate hunters in the world. We need more members to help on all fronts and that is where all members need to bring friends and fellow hunters into the fold. If every member brought in just one more person, our membership would double. The math is simple.

Membership is one of four pillars upon which SCI’s future hinges: Membership, Convention, Advocacy and Conservation.

Please join me and the volunteer leadership of SCI in helping this organization grow by bringing in new members and by becoming more involved personally. The more involved one becomes with SCI, the more value the club delivers.–W. Laird Hamberlin, SCI CEO

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